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How I provide my services

A quick glance

As a childminder I have smaller groups of children at the setting, please see this as an advantage to your child as I offer the same early years and foundation stage curriculum along side adult led activities as  nurseries do, my services is much more on a personal level being a childminder allows me to give children consistent individual support and attention and they get to enjoy interaction with children of various ages.

I operate in a loving home and I have a passion for working with children, my setting is Ofsted registered and is graded 'GOOD' by Ofsted. 

At Cuddly Bears  I implement the EYFS which is required by law for all childcare settings at a very high standard. I continue to update my self by taking regular courses in all areas of the framework to ensure my practice reflects all current guidance and legal requirements.

As Education is at the front of everything we do we plan our activities to suit the needs of your child to ensure that the children are working well towards the six areas of learning and development, I carefully observe children throughout the day and during activities and I then use the evidence recorded to plan for next steps and to promote a steady learning development.

Six areas of learning are

  1. Communication, Literacy and Language.

  2. Physical Development

  3. Personal, Social and emotional developments

  4. Mathematics

  5. Understanding of the world

  6. Expressive arts design

The six areas of learning and development together make up the skills, knowledge and experiences appropriate for babies and young children as they grow.

I keep a learning journal for each children which can be taken home and parents can also add information to these journals to blend in learning at home as well as the setting. observations are recorded in the journals and also online on kindly where parents can see photos and videos of what their little ones have been up to.

I believe that its very important to work with parents regarding their child so this method helps me to have an open communication with parents at all time. I also use WhatsApp as a method to communicate and send videos and pictures of the little ones.

Children will have a routine throughout the day and also time to allow child led activities and free play. by doing this children learn to understand time and management, establish important habits such as tidy up time, washing hands etc.. having a routine in place also strengthen relationships by focusing on time together.

Activities are fun and exciting and are planned to include every child that attend the setting on that particular day. We do outside play, going to the zoo, play places and parks we and also provide real life experiences such as going shopping for our weekly menu together.

I also have days where the children go to stay and play sessions which allows them to make new friends outside the setting and also play in larger groups. 

I am very blessed to still have a close relationship with all the babies that started with us and I can say with honesty that teachers are always pleased with the learning development of the children. I make it a key point that children start school straight from the setting at the level they should be.

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